What We’re Doing

We invest in opportunities to conserve the North American West’s greatest natural treasures and last remaining wilderness to ensure the sustainability of these special places.



The amount the Packard Foundation has committed in grant dollars to date to protect land.


Total amount of mission investments the Packard Foundation has committed to land conservation.

Our Approach

The Packard Foundation¬Č’s commitment to the conservation of land in California and the Western part of North America has endured for 50 years. We have learned valuable lessons along the way.

Collaboration matters

Collaborative efforts have helped to protect the iconic landscape and precious resources of this region while allowing for many opportunities to work with partners and within communities to engage new voices, build consensus, and ultimately strengthen the conservation field.

Make space for marginalized voices

Successful conservation efforts often require bringing together a coalition of organizations, communities, and individuals to create lasting change. In many cases, this involves engaging voices within a community that have sometimes been missing or marginalized from conservation debates.

Think big

The capacity to think big ¬Čto imagine what could be and push beyond the constraints of what we believe is possible today was central to David and Lucile Packard’s approach to business and philanthropy and has been critical when approaching conservation projects of immense scale, such as the Montana Legacy Project.

View the land conservation projects the Packard Foundation has supported over our 50+ year history in our interactive map.