Western Conservation

From 2008 – 2013, the Foundation carried out a time-limited, six-year strategy to study, understand, protect, and restore biologically important and iconic regions of western North America. At the end of this program, the Foundation invested more than $122 million to advance land conservation, public policy and conservation funding measures in California, the Colorado Plateau, and northwestern Mexico. We also invested in strategic opportunities that benefit the western region as a whole, including opportunities to conserve private land, strengthen land trusts, and advocate for federal conservation funding and tax policy.

In total, the Western Conservation Subprogram contributed to the protection and better management of over three million acres of land, including 746,617 acres protected through land or easement purchase.

The Packard Foundation commissioned California Environmental Associates to conduct a third-party evaluation on the impact of our Western Conservation Subprogram’s approach and investments. You can click here to access the evaluation and to read more about the successes, challenges, and lessons learned throughout the subprogram’s history.

The Packard Foundation continues to believe that the biodiversity and iconic beauty found in this region are critically important to study, understand, protect, and preserve. As we look to the future, we hope to continue exploring different ways to support our grantee partners in the conservation of these special places through a variety of both traditional and innovative approaches.

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