What We Fund


Protecting iconic natural treasures and important lands of the North American West.

Since its inception, the Packard Foundation has supported land conservation in the North American West. The region is home to some of the continent’s greatest natural treasures and last remaining wilderness. With its unique biodiversity and spectacular topography, this rich array of iconic landscapes has strong cultural significance for people who live there and visitors from around the world.

The Foundation’s land conservation efforts were built upon David and Lucile’s personal interest and support and have expanded to touch nearly every state in the United States west of the continental divide, along with areas of Canada and Mexico. Over the years, the Foundation has supported a wide range of activities to protect these special landscapes—including scientific research, policy research, advocacy, building capacity of organizations engaged in this work, and supporting the purchase of critical lands or easements protecting those lands.


  • David and Lucile’s own personal giving shaped what has become a long-standing commitment by the Packard Foundation to conserve important and diverse landscapes.

    Carol Larson, President and CEO, The Packard Foundation