What We’re Doing

With grantees and partners worldwide, we are working to bend the curve on climate mitigation and accelerate the pace of change.



Total amount The Packard Foundation has committed to date to slow global climate change


Number of grantee organizations we have supported to do climate change work since 1998


Number of countries where Packard Foundation funds have been directly invested in climate change mitigation


More Money, Better Aligned

Through our partnership with ClimateWorks and regional climate foundations, such as the European Climate Foundation and Energy Foundation, we are investing in a coordinated philanthropic response to mitigate climate change.


Sustainability in Practice

The Packard Foundation headquarters is one of the largest Net Zero Energy certified building in the world, designed to inspire others to develop high performance green buildings.

Fellowships in Philanthropy

In partnership with the U.C. Berkeley Center for Social Sector Leadership, we provide recent graduates from diverse disciplines and backgrounds a professional-level introduction to philanthropy and the non-profit sector.

The Packard Foundation has a longstanding commitment to climate change that is built on the values of our founders, David and Lucile Packard.