Agriculture, Livelihoods, and Conservation

What We’re Doing

Supporting smallholder farmers and forest-dependent communities that have the power to protect the planet’s resources while contributing to sustainable rural development.

We are investing in leaders and organizations supporting smallholder farmers in the tropical forests of Ethiopia and Indonesia, with special attention to the role of women, Indigenous communities, and young people. Our grantee partners are creating sustainable economic opportunities within their communities and balancing them with essential conservation goals.



The annual amount of ALC grant dollars available to support organizations.


The total number of grantee organizations we have supported to date.

Our Approach

 Investing in Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia and Indonesia

We invest in organizations and leaders focused on smallholder farmer and forest-dependent communities in Ethiopia and Indonesia, paying special attention to the needs and aspirations of Indigenous communities, women, and young people.

Exploring Additional Solutions around the Globe

We support novel research and solutions at the nexus of smallholder farmers and conservation to inform our grantmaking and the work of our partners.