Agriculture, Livelihoods, and Conservation

Learn & Build

Researching, supporting, and informing additional pro-smallholder farmer and tropical forest conservation models around the globe.

In addition to investing directly in smallholder farmer solutions that secure economic success for local communities while conserving biodiversity in Ethiopia and Indonesia, we also are learning from efforts across the globe. While evidence of successful pro-smallholder and conservation models is important, what is even more crucial is proving that this success can be achieved at a scale that protects thousands of hectares of forests and improves the economic opportunities available to millions of people.

Our efforts through Learn & Build help us maintain a connection between our geography-specific work and similar work in tropical forest areas around the world. More specifically, our grantmaking:

  • Supports promising pro-smallholder and conservation interventions in geographies beyond Ethiopia and Indonesia;
  • Funds research that tests our assumptions and builds greater understanding of the crucial intersection of development and conservation fields; and
  • Shares what we are learning from our partners with practitioners and decisionmakers in the agriculture, conservation, and development sectors.

Our People

Walt Reid

Vice President, Environment and Science

Kai Carter

Global Climate Initiative Director

Karina Chamorro

Global Climate Initiative Associate Program Officer

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How to Get Support

The Agriculture, Livelihoods, and Conservation strategy welcomes your ideas for funding requests. Before you prepare and submit an idea, please review the ALC strategy. If your work is aligned with our funding priorities and geographic focus, please send a short description to or use this grant inquiry form. Please do not send a full proposal until requested by the Program Officer.