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Grantee Story: Surveying California’s Rocky Reefs

California’s rocky reefs support diverse communities of marine wildlife and plants. For example, kelp beds found in these reefs attract commercial and recreational fishermen, divers, scientists, and kelp harvesters. Heavy fishing and pollution, however, have reduced the abundance of sea life in these reefs. Restoring and conserving them will require, among other things, accurate information…. Continue Reading

Grantee Story: Bringing the ‘Kuita’ Back in Fiji

In the Pacific Islands, the participation of local communities is key to effectively managing natural resources. This is particularly true in the islands of the Western Pacific, where many of the inhabitants of this region have been given rights to manage their coastal systems, either on their own or in co-management arrangements with government agencies…. Continue Reading

Resource: The Standard: A Guide for Sub-program Strategies

The Standards is a practical guide for developing, refining, and implementing foundation subprogram strategies. This guide was designed for grantmaking staff at the Packard Foundation and may have utility for other funders as well. The Standards pulls together in one place many of the approaches, tools, and guidelines that have been developed at the Packard… Continue Reading