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Fellow: Grober, Robert D.

My laboratory emphasizes the combined use of optical spectroscopy and optical imaging as a tool for materials characterization. The primary spectroscopic techniques we employ are photoluminescence, photoluminescence excitation, and molecular fluorescence. The optical techniques we use include traditional far-field microscopy, confocal microscopy, interferometry, and near-field optics. The main areas of focus are characterization of semiconductor… Continue Reading

Fellow: Gruebele, Martin

Research in our group covers a wide range of subjects at the interface of physics, chemistry, and biology. Fast protein and RNA dynamics in vitro and in vivo are studied by laser temperature jump and by time-resolved microscopy. Laser-assisted scanning tunneling microscopy enables single molecule spectroscopy where the excited states of macromolecules and nanostructures can… Continue Reading

Fellow: Gruzinov, Andrei

We are focused on these three areas: (1) A new Lorentz-covariant nonlinear extension of classical electrodynamics was proposed. It uses only the electromagnetic degrees of freedom – Strong-Field Electrodynamics. This allowed us to calculate the first dissipative pulsar magnetosphere. (2) With Farrar, we proposed that ultra-high-energy cosmic rays can come from rare bright flares on… Continue Reading

Fellow: Guo, Su

The research in my laboratory focuses on the molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate brain development maintenance and function. I have a broad background in molecular biology, genetics, developmental biology, and neurobiology. As a graduate student, I employed the invertebrate model organism C. elegans, and made significant contributions to the discovery of RNA interference (RNAi)… Continue Reading

Fellow: Gurnis, Michael C.

My group carries out research in computational geodynamics to provide a basis for interpreting geological and geophysical observations made on local, regional, and global scales. Our goal is to understand how plate tectonics works, how plate tectonics and deep mantle flow are related, how and why mantle convection evolves over long time periods, and how… Continue Reading

Fellow: Guruswami, Venkatesan

My research interests span several topics in theoretical computer science including the theory of error-correcting codes, approximate solvability of hard optimization problems, explicit combinatorial constructions and pseudorandomness, and computational complexity theory. I have a comprehensive body of research on “list decoding of error-correcting codes” and have shown how to achieve the fundamental limit of error-correction… Continue Reading

Fellow: Guyot-Sionnest, Philippe M.

Since receiving the Packard fellowship, I have been interested in the optical, electric and magnetic properties of colloidal nanoparticles. The current research is primarily in the infrared spectral range, where inorganic semiconductor quantum dots allow a wide spectral coverage by simply changing the size of the particles. My research group designs new colloidal quantum dots,… Continue Reading

Fellow: Haegel, Nancy M.

As Center Director of the Materials Science Center at NREL, I am leading the efforts of ~ 150 scientists, engineers, postdocs, students, technical staff and affiliated visitors to advance the materials science required for renewable energy, energy efficiency and advanced energy technologies for a sustainable energy future. The Materials Science Center advances knowledge in the… Continue Reading

Fellow: Hamer, John E.

I am the Managing General Partner for DCVCBio, a $250M life science venture capital fund, investing at the interface of artificial intelligence and the life sciences. I have spent more than a decade in life science venture capital in the San Francisco Bay Area. Previously, I have led Monsanto Growth Ventures, the VC arm of… Continue Reading

Fellow: Hamilton, Mark F.

I conduct research in the area of physical acoustics, particularly nonlinear acoustics, and in recent years with an emphasis on biomedical applications. My research involves primarily analytical and computational modelling. I am currently involved in research on acoustic radiation force in tissue, acoustically driven bubble dynamics in blood vessels, nonlinear shear waves in relaxing media,… Continue Reading