Time for a Checkup: Changes in Health Insurance Coverage, Health Care Access and Affordability, and Plan Satisfaction among Parents and Children between 2013 and 2015

The Urban Institute’s Health Reform Monitoring Survey (HRMS) has been tracking health insurance coverage and related outcomes among parents and children since mid-2013. This brief uses new data collected in September 2015 and previous HRMS rounds to assess how health insurance coverage and several measures of health care access, affordability, and satisfaction with health plans have changed for parents and children between 2013 and 2015. Overall, the survey found that parents experienced notable gains in insurance coverage, access to care, and health care affordability while children experienced statistically significant, but smaller, percentage-point gains in coverage relative to their parents. Additionally, parents had higher satisfaction with multiple aspects of their children’s health plans and reported that they were more confident that their child could get health care if the child needed it.

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Authors: Urban Institute

Geography: United States

Resource Types: Report