The Early Childhood Workforce Index 2018

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation’s Children, Families, and Communities program seeks to support the adults in children’s lives so that kids can have quality care that allows them to be happy, healthy, and ready for school by the age of 5. As part of that goal, we believe that it is crucial to ensure there is a strong, vibrant workforce of professionals who care for the youngest of children.

In pursuit of this work, we have supported the Center for the Study of Child Care Employment (CSCCE) at the University of California, Berkeley.  CSCCE has created a rich and comprehensive resource exploring the current state of the conditions and policies affecting the workforce of early educators who care for our youngest children across the country. This report includes an exploration of how these conditions vary by state, an analysis of how the early childhood workforce pay stacks up to that of other occupations, and an assessment of early childhood workforce policies and family and income support policies across states. It also helpfully identifies where progress is being made, and where more work is to be done. Explore more resources related to the report at CSCCE’s website here.

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