Protecting, Preserving & Increasing Production of Affordable Housing In Silicon Valley

Last year, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Grove Foundation convened grantmakers to discuss philanthropic strategies for addressing the San Francisco Bay Area’s housing crisis. As part of that convening, the Packard Foundation commissioned a review of current and potential philanthropic work around affordable housing. The report by csb consulting is intended to provide context, increase understanding of housing-related issues, and present ideas for consideration by grantmakers working in the region, particularly those with little history of funding affordable housing solutions.

It highlights four areas of opportunity where philanthropy can play an impactful role in increasing the supply of affordable housing: focusing on building community will for systems change; supporting innovation, experimentation, and risk-taking; investing in capacity and highest-return service program models; and building on a shared philanthropic commitment to affordable housing. csb consulting’s goal for this working paper is to advance a conversation, generate thinking, and foster a dialogue that can in turn give rise to further action.

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Authors: csb consulting

Geography: California

Resource Types: Report