Expanding Impact through Evaluation: Insights from the Packard Foundation’s Work on Children’s Health Insurance

This report explores the Packard Foundation’s experience with program evaluation as a strategic intervention in its work on children’s health insurance, and presents some of the principal lessons learned from that experience. The Foundation’s experience suggests that, to have a major impact on the issues that it cares about, a foundation has to be on the lookout for windows of opportunity to advance its agenda, and must be highly strategic in leveraging those opportunities if and when they occur. The report is based on Gene Lewit’s experience as a program officer at the Foundation; internal and published Foundation documents, evaluation reports, newspaper accounts, and other written sources; and more than 20 interviews with past and current Foundation staff, staff from other foundations, the lead evaluator of the Foundation’s children’s health insurance work, state and local advocates, program administrators, and others.

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Resource Types: Case Study