Early Identification and Intervention Systems in California

Healthy child development plays a crucial role in getting children ready for school by age five. This is why it is so important to monitor young children as they grow, and to identify and address any developmental concerns as they emerge. Experts agree that this is important, but there’s little known about what sort of systems are necessary for early identification and intervention to thrive. In this report, Harder + Co explores the experiences of three counties in California that have been identified as bright spots in early identification and intervention—Alameda, San Diego, and Santa Clara.  The report explores the role of meaningful family engagement in Alameda County, it examines cross-sector collaboration and long-term partnerships in San Diego County, and it highlights the successes in closing service gaps in Santa Clara County. With other counties across the state interested in the lessons learned in these counties, through this report, Harder + Co seeks to offer insights and inspiration around early identification and intervention in California.

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Authors: Harder + Company

Geography: California

Resource Types: Report