Developing Early Childhood Leaders to Support Strong, Equitable Systems

As the Children, Families, and Communities (CFC) program’s 10-year Starting Smart and Strong initiative has unfolded, the program has learned how important leadership is in building early learning systems that support the improvement of child outcomes. This is why CFC supported the New Venture Fund’s work with Arabella Advisors to begin an initial exploration into how philanthropy might best support emerging leaders in the field.

Arabella Advisors produced this report, which offers an overview and helpful insights into the formal early learning sector in the United States, especially in California. Among other findings, the report concludes that strong leaders in this space are critical for early learning success, but few can access the leadership development training they need. The report also finds that funders can help by creating and enhancing opportunities for leadership development.

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Authors: Arabella Advisors

Geography: United States

Resource Types: Report