A Review of Near Shore Fisheries Law & Governance in Fiji

As part of a recent increase in efforts to understand and improve near shore fisheries management in Fiji, this report examines and reviews the complex legal and governance systems that underpin near shore fisheries governance. The report provides an analysis of the nature and role of both the Fiji modern, centralized legal system (based on English common law) and the traditional Fijian system (or iTaukei system) of governance that incorporates aspects of traditional governance and laws. While the emphasis of the report is to explain how the overall system of near shore fisheries governance works in theory, the practical reality is shown to be more nuanced as traditional systems of governance related to iTaukei fishing grounds, or qoliqolis, which dominate near shore maritime areas in Fiji hold significant importance in ways that do not always fit neatly within a governance system that is intended to provide for centralized control.

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Authors: Siwatibau & Sloan

Geography: Western Pacific

Resource Types: Report