Packard and Hewlett Foundation Presidents Call on Philanthropy to Invest in Climate Mitigation

This week, Packard Foundation President and CEO Carol Larson joined with Larry Kramer, President of the Hewlett Foundation, to co-author a column for the Chronicle of Philanthropy that calls on foundations to increase investment in climate mitigation.

The Packard Foundation is deeply committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, along with many partners, such as the Hewlett Foundation. We recognize that climate change uniquely undermines everything we care about as a foundation. But to overcome a challenge as big and complex as this one, Carol and Larry make the case that we need more foundations and donors to get involved.

Published just ahead of the Council on Foundations annual gathering in San Francisco on April 26-28, the column was designed to put climate front and center. As Carol and Larry say in their column:

Climate change is the defining issue of our day. It is an urgent global crisis that affects everything philanthropy seeks to do, whether it is to improve health, alleviate poverty, reduce famine, promote peace, or advance social justice. It is a problem that can and must be solved—a problem that demands action now, while we still have time. And it is a challenge on which foundations can make a profound difference.

This column is just one step in our ongoing effort to bring more awareness and investment to climate mitigation.

You can read the column here.