Heartwired to Love the Ocean

Working with dozens of conservation organizations, Goodwin Simon Strategic Research and Wonder: Strategies for Good embarked on a three-year research project to better understand how to develop messaging approaches to strengthen the ocean conservation movement.... Continue Reading

Ideabook: Libraries for Families

The IDEABOOK is a research-based framework to guide and broaden family engagement in libraries. The framework helps libraries move beyond thinking of family engagement as random, individual activities or programs, but rather as a system where library leadership,... Continue Reading

Systems Grantmaking Resource Guide

The Systems Grantmaking Resource Guide brings together an overview of the systems approach and mindset with a promising set of resources, tools, frameworks, and methods for understanding and influencing systems.

The Standard: A Guide for Sub-program Strategies

The Standards is a practical guide for developing, refining, and implementing foundation subprogram strategies. This guide was designed for grantmaking staff at the Packard Foundation and may have utility for other funders as well. The... Continue Reading

Guide to Network Evaluation: Framing Paper and Casebook

Network Impact and the Center for Evaluation Innovation teamed up to develop a brief paper on the current "state of the field" with practical examples of evaluation frameworks, methods, and tools for evaluating networks along with a casebook that has nine real-life examples of network evaluations and what has been learned from them.

Nonprofit Leadership Development: What’s Your “Plan A” for Growing Future Leaders?

This guide is designed to help nonprofits think differently about leadership development. Plan A treats leadership development not as an ad hoc response to crisis but as a proactive and systematic investment in building a pipeline of leaders within an organization, so that when transitions are necessary, leaders at all levels are ready to answer the call.