Food for Local Families

The recession has been especially unkind to the local community of California’s Monterey County, which needs more emergency food and the means to distribute it. The economic downturn hit Monterey hard, forcing many large employers to close their local plants, and causing the already low-paying agriculture and hospitality industries to struggle. The high cost of living, loss of savings, and slow economic recovery have made putting food on the table a constant challenge for local families.

Yet, every family that asks the Food Bank for Monterey County for assistance receives it. To meet the increased need, the Food Bank serves a remarkable one-fifth of the county’s population. The unprecedented 10,800 people it served during just one week in 2010 is more than double what it served in 2005. Distribution sites that used to serve just 200 people now provide food for more than 600.

Despite the considerable strain on its resources, the Food Bank remains committed to serving the entire community. With the support of volunteers and funding from the Packard Foundation, the Food Bank for Monterey County continues to feed and sustain local families.