Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity in Grantmaking

The Diversity in Grantmaking (DIG) Challenge Fund aims to improve the Foundation’s ability to meet program goals through investment in non-profit organizations and leaders that represent the full spectrum of diversity in California and nationally. We accomplish this by:

  • Funding emerging organizations that are engaged with our issues
  • Building the pipeline of leaders in our issue areas
  • Supporting existing grantees that demonstrate commitment to expanding their own diversity and inclusion work

The DIG Challenge Fund encourages staff to experiment with new grantees and new approaches to grantmaking and to broaden the inclusion of voices that may be underrepresented in grant portfolios. Since 2008, over a dozen organizations have been funded through DIG by a group of passionate staff members.

DIG is also an experiment in learning and consensus-based decision making at the Packard Foundation. Any staff member can join the group, and every DIG member gets an equal say in grantmaking decisions. Any employee can propose grants to DIG, as long as they work with a program officer to shape the proposal. DIG is a chance for employees who usually do not engage in grantmaking to learn about the process and exercise leadership within the Foundation.