About the Foundation

Our Values

David and Lucile Packard passed on to the Board and staff of the Foundation the following core set of values:


The Board and staff will be open and honest with one another, the community, and Foundation grantees. We will encourage the highest possible standards of conduct and ethics.

Respect for All People

The Board and staff, in all of their work on behalf of the Foundation, will show graciousness and respect to all people. The success of the Foundation depends on seeking out and listening to the ideas and advice of others.

Belief in Individual Leadership

The Board and staff will provide and promote an environment of trust and flexibility that fosters and rewards the best in ideas and efforts. In grantmaking and other activities of the Foundation, the Board and staff will look for those individuals and organizations that are best able to make a contribution in their fields, and then will respect and support their leadership and ideas.

Commitment to Effectiveness

The Board and staff will identify unique and strategic opportunities to make a difference. They will evaluate their effectiveness and change strategies as necessary to achieve a greater effectiveness. The Foundation will take a long-term view and keep a commitment to selected areas that require this.

Capacity to Think Big

The Board and staff will initiate and be receptive to ideas in which a large commitment of funds and/or time can make a unique and lasting contribution. The Foundation will operate in a way that ensures flexibility to respond to such opportunities.