Program Analyst (in partnership with UC Berkeley)

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation (Foundation) and the Center for Social Sector Leadership (CSSL) at the Haas School at UC Berkeley offers a unique opportunity to provide recent graduates in business, public health, sciences, social sciences, and policy an introduction to philanthropy. The shared vision for this partnership is to strengthen the future of philanthropy by providing next generation leaders the opportunity to engage with philanthropic leaders and work with a grantmaking team impacting diverse issues and populations.

Through a competitive application process, Program Analysts are selected for the paid positions which can vary in duration. An Analyst will perform analytical studies on a variety of policies, projects, programs and issues. This fellowship provides extensive training, professional development, a strong network, and access to view the world of grantmaking at one of the largest foundations in the world.

Three Current Opportunities – Population and Reproductive Health

The Population and Reproductive Health (PRH) Program at the Foundation is committed to promoting reproductive health and rights, with a focus on high quality information and services. It places a special emphasis on engaging and serving youth and believe that young people have the best potential for building and sustaining a movement of change. The PRH program aims to: improve the quality of comprehensive sexuality education, voluntary contraception, and abortion care; strengthen service delivery, build leadership and advocacy capacity, and shift social and cultural norms to allow women and youth to make their own reproductive health care decisions; and forge partnerships with global research advocacy organizations, especially networks led by youth, and to create positive and effective messages about reproductive health and rights at the regional and global levels.

The three Program Analysts will be UC Berkeley employees placed on site at the Foundation. The Program Analysts will assist with strategic initiatives of the PRH Program. The role of the Program Analyst is to provide research, strategic analysis and synthesis, implementation, and evaluation of projects in the PRH Program. This work will involve analyzing the field and current needs and efforts, synthesizing best practices, working with field experts and stakeholders, analyzing investments, evaluating grant proposals and reports, and identifying key learnings and assessing progress toward goals. The Program Analyst’s work will complement the knowledge and information of the Program Officers and staff in the PRH program. Program Analysts will work with PRH Program Officers to identify and design specific projects that further the foundation’s work and the analyst’s skill development. Understanding that the goals of the Foundation’s PRH Program are inclusive, often reflecting the interests of diverse social, ethnic, and socio-economic communities, the Program Analyst will gain exposure to grantmaking with a broad lens of diverse issues and populations.

Primary job responsibilities

  • Work with the Foundation’s PRH team on a range of activities supporting the grant making process, including conducting research and analysis on topics pertaining to reproductive health that can inform grant making and strategy development, and contributing to assessments of grantee organizations
  • Provide support to the program officers, including preparation of materials and agendas for program meetings, grantee meetings, and field convenings; participation in grantee meetings and site visits, preparation of meeting summaries, and management of follow-up actions stemming from those meetings
  • Contribute to grant portfolio reviews on a quarterly basis, compiling information across grantees to create consumable documents
  • Assist with the monitoring, evaluation, and learning activities associated with the PRH strategies, such as Theory of Change development, compilation of grantee outcomes and indicators, and creating program dashboards
  • Interact with the Foundation’s program and evaluation staff, grantees, funding partners, government agencies, and content experts as needed to complete assigned projects and gain exposure to strategic philanthropy in practice; travel to meet with new and existing partners, and attend relevant conferences
  • Engage in both university and foundation communities and professional development opportunities related to the Program Analyst’s work


  • Extensive experience and/or graduate level education in health, the social sciences, public policy, business; or extensive experience a related social justice field in one of the three focus geographies (South Asia (SA), Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), and Southern U.S.)
  • Excellent analytical and quantitative skills
  • Deeply capable as a strategic thinker, and creative and analytical problem solver
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Outstanding written communication skills and experience with public presentations
  • Ability to structure analysis, perform synthesis, and provide written reports which meet project objectives and timelines
  • Demonstrated strong initiative, self-motivation, and ability to efficiently manage multiple simultaneous tasks and projects in diverse areas
  • Intellectual agility and an ability to analyze, conduct research, think critically, and understand scientific studies
  • Demonstrated ability to apply judgment in ambiguous situations and make sound decisions with limited information
  • Solid integrity and convictions
  • A strong work ethic
  • A keen interest and dedication to work aimed at achieving reproductive health and rights
  • Each of the three positions will have additional requirements such as language, familiarity with a geographic region, and knowledge of population and reproductive health topics
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively across virtual teams (all) and international time zones (SA and SSA)

Focus Geographies

South Asia (click to apply job#26770)

  • Hindi language skills a plus, but not essential
  • At least two years professional experience in South Asia (especially India) preferred
  • Availability to travel, potentially for an extended period of time in the region

Sub-Saharan Africa (click to apply job#26768)

  • French or Amharic language skills preferred
  • At least two years professional experience in an African context
  • Availability to travel, potentially for an extended period of time in the region

Southern U.S. (click to apply job#26755)

  • Experience with social movements/change in the U.S. South strongly preferred
  • Professional experience in a social justice movement strongly preferred
  • Availability to travel domestically approximately once per month