Honoring our Investments in Organizational Effectiveness

Building effective organizations for lasting impact.

One core belief has driven the Foundation’s Organizational Effectiveness grantmaking since 1983: Organizations are more effective when they are equipped with thoughtful strategy, strong leadership, and sound operations. Over the 30 years since David Packard began the Management Assistance program, our grantmaking has embraced a commitment to effectiveness by helping our grantees and partners strengthen their fundamentals so they can better achieve their missions.

In March 2014, Packard Foundation President and CEO Carol Larson participated on a panel of philanthropic leaders at the Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) annual conference to discuss our dedication to putting values, including a commitment to effectiveness, at the center of our work.

When we helped to create GEO in 1997, our common vision was to create a place for other funders committed to nonprofit effectiveness to convene and share their knowledge and expertise. We were heartened to see the level of interest both in how foundations can help to build the capacity of nonprofits and how foundations can become better grantmakers. We were honored to be part of this celebration and look forward to our continued commitment to strengthening the effectiveness of our grantees, partners and the field of philanthropy as whole.

Our Commitment to Nonprofit Effectiveness

Read Foundation President and CEO Carol Larson’s reflection on the creation of GEO and our long history of helping nonprofits work more effectively to support their missions.

We are heartened by the growth in the numbers of foundations dedicated to the goals of GEO: smarter grantmaking, stronger nonprofits, and better results.

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The Heart of the Matter

Foundation President and CEO Carol Larson shares why values should be at the center of philanthropy during the Heart of the Matter panel at the 2014 Grantmakers for Effective Organizations annual conference.