A Healthy and Sustainable Future for our Oceans

Promoting sustainable fishing, transforming coastal management, and expanding scientific exploration.

The Packard Foundation’s long-standing ocean conservation investments have transformed what we know about our ocean and how we interact with it. Yet, today growing human impacts—from ocean acidification to overfishing—threaten the health of the ocean, harming the global economy and endangering our own well-being. Balance is key, and today we don’t have it.

This past year we forged a new partnership with The Economist, philanthropists, nonprofit organizations, and scientists to address the need for better data and more coordinated research and analysis on the oceans. Better data and analysis can inform business and government decision makers to adopt ocean policies and practices that increase economic opportunities, enhance social outcomes and improve environmental sustainability.

In June 2015 at The Economist’s World Ocean Summit, the Packard Foundation and our partners will release a set of information and findings that can help global leaders find solutions to the escalating degradation of ocean health and how to craft a future in which ocean systems can continue to support both growing human needs and a thriving global economy.

In 2015 we will also release new research on American Millennials and their attitudes towards ocean conservation. The Millennial generation is the largest generation in the United States and their engagement is critical to protecting and restoring our ocean ecosystem.

American Millennials: Cultivating the Next Generation of Ocean Conservationists

By 2020, one in three adults will be a Millennial (born from 1981 to 1997). This generation has already shown itself to be capable of immense innovation and disruption of the status quo. While a significant amount of research has been conducted on Millennials, there is little insight on conservation, and even less for the ocean. We partnered with Edge Research to conduct new research on American Millennials’ attitudes towards oceans, ocean conservation, and pathways for engaging this next generation of ocean leaders.



Trustee Julie Packard’s Opening Remarks for the World Ocean Summit

Read Trustee Julie Packard’s opening remarks at the second World Ocean Summit, hosted by The Economist, which helped set the tone for the convening by highlighting how successful business partnerships can simultaneously be good for the ocean, good for our well-being and good for business.

Today, more than ever, business needs to drive the solutions, through new approaches and commitments that will ensure economic prosperity in a world of declining resources. 

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