Computer/Information Sciences


Lerrel Pinto

Our world is messy, unpredictable, and packed with rich sensory stimuli. While precise modeling and careful engineering have powered robots to revolutionize the factory floor, getting such robots to robustly manipulate everyday objects in everyday... Continue Reading

Jun-Yan Zhu

We are at a pivotal moment in our history. Large-scale AI models like DALLĀ·E2 are transforming our society, making content creation accessible to all. However, this raises many pressing questions. Will AI replace human creators’... Continue Reading

Noah Stephens-Davidowitz

My research uses the tools of theoretical computer science to answer fundamental questions about the security of widely deployed cryptography. Much of my work focuses on the foundations of post-quantum cryptography, that is, classical cryptographic... Continue Reading

Felix Heide

Cameras have become a ubiquitous interface between the real world and computers. Although their applications span across disciplines, today’s cameras acquire information in the same way they did in the 19th century: they aim to... Continue Reading

Aviad Rubinstein

My research focuses on a core question in theoretical computer science: What can be computed efficiently? The study of algorithms and computational complexity is a mathematical discipline that lies at the foundation of Computer Science.... Continue Reading

Yin Tat Lee

My research aims to develop general-purpose optimization algorithms that are optimal in theory and efficient in practice. I combine ideas from continuous and discrete mathematics to substantially advance state-of-the-art algorithms that tackle foundational problems in... Continue Reading

Keenan Crane

This proposal focuses on mathematical, computational, and mechanical foundations for designing complex 3D structures that can be built from shape-shifting 2D materials. New kinds of dynamic, shape-shifting matter such as programmable metamaterials, self-folding robotics, and... Continue Reading

Mahdi Soltanolkotabi

Nonconvex learning algorithms are enabling transformative societal changes by revolutionizing how we process data. Despite wide empirical success, a satisfactory understanding of the behavior of these algorithms is still lacking. In particular, as systems and... Continue Reading

Moitra, Ankur

Much of my research effort is devoted to the topic of quantum computation. Is it possible for a quantum computer to function in thermal equilibrium? How does one design realistic tests for quantum behavior in... Continue Reading

Rothvoss, Thomas

My research aims to settle the complexity status of central problems in combinatorial optimization, such as the Unique Games problem and Sparsest Cut. Candidate methods are poorly understood semidefinite programming hierarchies. For any significant progress... Continue Reading