Grantee Stories

The issues we care about and support come alive through stories about the work of the Foundation’s many grantees. Learn more about their stories of progress.



Bringing a Traditional Museum to the Present

When Nina Simon started her first day at The Museum of Art and History at the McPherson Center (MAH) in the summer of 2011, the museum was financially on the brink and extremely close to closure.

Children and Youth


Sparking Potential Through Apprenticeship

Spark, connects community members in the workforce to students in the classroom through an innovative apprenticeship program. They are reaching more middle school students than ever in more cities across the country.  

Conservation and Science


From City Hall to Science Workshop

How do you turn an old City Hall building into a lively and energetic science workshop for kids and families? With tables and electrical outlets, the Greenfield City Hall building was transformed.


The Wonder in Wetlands

Through Project Tierra, students in Watsonville, California have the opportunity to learn about their local wetlands and the ecosystems it supports.

Food and Shelter


Food for Local Families

The recession hit Monterey hard, causing the low-paying agriculture and hospitality industries to struggle, and forcing some local plants to close. The high cost of living and slow recovery have made putting food on the table a challenge for many local families.

Population and Reproductive Health


Teens Leading Change

Hearken back to your teenage years. You’re learning how to drive, how to balance friendship and schoolwork – and your body is full of hormones. Curiosity about love, relationships, and sex is at the forefront of your mind.

Pueblo, Colorado


Water and A Way of Life

Just as water flows around and over fences, the issues facing land and water in the arid west impact farmers, ranchers, and whole communities.