Gulf of California

The Gulf of California, nestled between mainland Mexico and the rugged Baja California peninsula, is Mexico’s most productive body of water and one of the richest seas in the world. In addition to providing the majority of the country’s fisheries exports, it harbors hundreds of islands, a vast array of coastal ecosystems, and is the home to thousands of species, many of which live there and nowhere else in the world.

Our Goals

The Gulf of California Subprogram’s goal is to ensure that the capacity for safeguarding the region’s biological diversity, ecosystem goods and services, and associated social well-being is in place. We envision a region in which its local communities and government are effective stewards of their oceans and coasts and where a variety of resilient, interconnected ecosystems maintain biological diversity and produce the goods and services needed to support strong economies and local well-being.

What We Fund

We support organizations that work to protect the Gulf of California and promote the sustainable use of its rich biological resources, including activities that:

  • Reverse the trend of overexploitation of key fisheries and establish sound fishery management systems.
  • Expand and strengthen the network of marine areas that safeguard the region’s biological diversity and productivity.
  • Establish mechanisms to maintain the integrity of key coastal sites.
  • Build organizational capacity and financial resources for long-term management, conservation, and monitoring.

Our Approach

Our program work is driven by strategy. Learn more about our work and targeted initiatives.

(photo: © Valle de los Cirios)